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Stefan Frontier Conferences: 15th Anniversary,
1989 - 2004

Stefan Frontier Conferences: 15th Anniversary,
1989 - 2004

La Jolla International 
School of Science

The Institute for Advanced 
Physics Studies


The Stefan Frontier Conferences (Frontier Science Research Conferences Worldwide) is operated by the La Jolla International School of Science jointly with
The Institute for Advanced Physics Studies, La Jolla, California

The F S R C is founded in 1989 by Dr. V. Alexander Stefan with the ultimate goal:

  • promotion, nurture and further advancement of the best scientific
    research worldwide
  • achievement of the highest level in organization of scientific meetings
    in all areas of science and technology and all crossdisciplinary areas: science-arts and science-humanities
  • publishing of edited conference materials to promote and diffuse the
    first-rate scientific achievements worldwide

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